Formed in 2013, META MOFO is a pioneering eight-piece band from Calgary, Alberta.
The group has drawn praise for its singular sound --a merging of hard driving Afro Beat rhythms with elements of jazz, go-go, Latin funk, and hip-hop. Meta Mofo seeks unity in all people through it's life-Affirming grooviness! As word spreads of the band’s incredibly powerful live performances, sweaty clubs become packed with Joyous celebrants of soulful world sounds!

The creation of Meta Mofo began as an expression of different identities but has become so much more. As the band explores the music of Fela Kuti, The Poets of Rhythm, The Brecker Brothers, Bob Marley and more! the union between creation and homage gets blurred and something new is created, a primal powerful sound!
Impossible to define by genre, it’s just an incredible party jam that moves your parts.

“a nitrous fueled whip chain of doom that will snake its way up your leg and throw your frail, pathetic body into the sun”

And don't forget the dancing! Night by night, Marc and Tasha lead the audience through dance moves as the road-tested band challenges itself,
dipping in and out of improvisation, and visibly having a blast. But there is no single front man on stage.
Each player commands his own space with unique style and verve.
Notice has come from high quarters, and the band has found itself in some incredible places.

Will You?

Marc Hall, Vocals/MC
Tasha Korney, Vocals/MC
Raul Tabera, Drumset/Percussion
Luis Pana Tovar, Drumset/Percussion
Rubim De Toledo, Bass
Jim Brenan, Saxophones
Sean Craig, Saxophones
Jon Smyth, Guitars/Special teams